About Us

Planning. Designing. Structuring. Surveying. Permitting.

Why Turn To Us?

At Ventura Engineering Inland, we are experts who know how to meet your demands and will take into account all the details around your project. We will then offer you solutions and a comprehensive plan that will allow you to get the results you need. Our goal is to deliver an exceptional customer service every time, and our experience in the field allows us to meet the requirements of each client.

What Makes Us Different?

We will approach your project with great attention to each little detail and will find the way to help achieve its goals. Our team will identify the greatest strengths and any obstacles you may have and will offer you proper management solutions. With our civil engineering specialties, you will have a partner from the start to the end. Please let us know how we can assist you further.


WILFREDO VENTURA, Owner/Principal Engineer
20+ years of experience in Civil Engineering

About Our Company

VENTURA ENGINEERING INLAND has been delivering effective and efficient civil engineering solutions since 2007. We combine quality services with quick turnaround results in planning, designing, structuring and permitting. Our project includes land development, hydrology drainage and grading plans, entitlements, hydraulics, stormwater sewer design, pollution prevention, water distribution design and more.

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