What Are the Responsibilities of a Structural Engineer – Part 2

Why Is an Engineering Consultant Needed in Every Pre-Construction Project Stage

Hello, friends! Last week, we have started outlining the main responsibilities of an engineering consultant. As we promised in this post we will continue with the same topic. We hope that you have been waiting for the rest of it.

You already know that a professional engineering consultant is responsible for the design of the structure as well as for the inspection and selection of the construction materials that will be used for its completion. Here are the rest of the roles:

Role #3. Coordination duties. An engineering consultant may be required to cooperate all the government bodies during their inspections as well as to coordinate all of the other construction project members as engineers, architects, landscape architects, environmental scientists, designers, etc.

Role #4. Supervision and project management duties. Engineers are often held responsible for ordering and delivering various construction materials from different manufacturers and suppliers. They are also commonly held accountable for supplying the equipment and heavy-duty machinery as well as supervising the builders team while they are working on-site. This part of their work is probably the hardest one to manage since organizing people to work together has never been an easy task.

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